Techable Trust

Techable Trust aims to advance technology access and use within NZ’s disability sector.

As a new start up organisation, Techable is excited by innovation, excited to be in a position where we can advance the next generation technology accessibility.  All our projects will focus on enhancing accessibility to or through technology for people who have a variety of impairment types.

Techable Objectives:

To design and create smartphone/tablet apps that enhances disability accessibility.

To provide Accessible Internet Safety awareness

To provide IT workshops/forums/events on accessible technology

To refurnish donated technology products to be donated to people with disabilities and families with persons with disabilities in need of technology access.

To enable Accessible Gaming – eSports for gamers with disabilities.

Want to help?

Currently Techable is seeking start up funding and donations to establish ongoing administrative support to the Trust. If are you able to assist, contact Kim Robinson.

Techable Trust is a charitable organisation and is registered with Charity Commission CC52794